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Wianno PSS.jpg

A Gaff rigged one design boat conceived in

1914 to race in the waters of Cape Cod, a favorite of J.F. Kennedy, which adds to the elegance of the vintage boat a handcrafted fiberglass construction, enriched with equipment and details in wood and bronze that give it the charm of a boat of yesterday, without requiring maintenance. 
The boat for racing on even terms or cruising with the family: it can be moored in 75 cm of water thanks to the lifting keel and can be towed on the road for easy management, it sails fast and is competitive even in IRC.
There are 230 hulls registered to the class association, among which 11 are in Italy.

Since 2008 we have been building Wianno Sr. in Italy under license of the American class (WSCA), to allow the class to develop in Europe as well.

BECOME PART OF A CENTury long legacy

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