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In 1946, with over 100 boats in circulation, a Committee of the Wianno Senior Class was founded "to ensure simplicity in design, reasonableness in costs and to promote sporting competition". The Committee prepared a Class Regulations and, in collaboration with the Crosby shipyard, drafted the construction specifications.
In 1986 the Wianno Senior Class Association (WSCA) was formed to define the construction and racing rules and ensure compliance with a strict monotype, factors that have contributed to the survival and success of the class.
Today the WSCA has over 200 members, including the owners of more than 60 Wianno Sr.
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Every year since 1949, in August hundreds of sailors compete aboard their Wianno Sr. to win the Scudder Cup in the waters south of Cape Cod (MA).
In recent years in Italy the Wianno Seniors began to distinguish themselves on the regatta courses of the Mediterranean by winning some stages of the Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge.
With the expansion of the fleet in Italy, events reserved for the class will be organized in the future, in order to allow even local sailors the thrill and adrenaline of one-design regattas.

The class

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